Our Vietnam “entity” named "International Sports Consulting Company Limited", has been granted these 2 “sector codes”:

“Sector Code No.6619” (uncategorized financial services & supporting activities, and investment & consulting activities); and,

“Sector Code No.4610” (agents, brokers & auctioneers except as a real estate broker).

As per the Vietnam Government Department of Planning & Investment “DPI” located in Ho Chi Minh City, that on the Government “data base” no other local and/or International Company has ever been issued such a Company License with these ‘sector codes”, and that it has been issued without a stated “time clause” period, therefore,“VSP”  owns a “perpetual” Company License.

As a result, we have now deployed our vision and subsequent strategy in line with both the January 2017 Betting Decree No.06/2017/ND-CP issued by the Vietnam Government titled “On Betting Business On Horse And Greyhound Racing And On International Soccer”, and with the compliance needed as per the the updated 'sports & lottery betting laws circular' to be promulgated in 2019.

Therefore, on September 2018 we acquired shares in the IPO Company 'Binh Duong General Printing Company', (which 100% owns their subsidiary  'Binh Duong Lottery Company'), with our strategy now in place to have a joint venture arrangement for a "lottery betting" and/or "sports betting" licence including, but not limited this 'SOE' (State Owned Enterprises).

Our extended vision and strategy for 2019, is to apply with an 'SOE'  for the  sector code of “sports betting “ and/or “ lottery betting” licence (as per the 2017 betting decree and upcoming 2019 betting laws circular), via lobbying and implementing our strategy to be approved for the trade and betting sector codes for a “sports betting “ and/or “lottery betting” licence.

As a result, “VSP” since 2015, has been working and advising relevant Government Ministries in terms of proposed 'betting laws', and will continue to both liaise and provide input to any future proposed 'betting laws'.