Company Board & International Management Team

Mr. Michael Efron
(Chairman & C.E.O.)

Michael Efron successfully completed a “Bachelor of Business Administration” at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in 1987, with a “Social Science” major, and then whilst he was within the Australian Public Service Departments of (State Insurance Office & The Ministry of Education) in the 1980’s he both was a research officer and a tutor of “Social Sciences”, and also “Corporate/Professional Development” modeling for Australian Public Servants.

However, he always pursued his passion of horse racing, by working within the Australian horse racing industry as a betting and financial analyst throughout the 1980s and 1990’s.

From the 1990’s until 2005, he was conducting his own consultancy business for financial institutions, major corporations, and Government Agencies in Australia, including, but not limited to, the ANZ Bank, Westpac Bank, Melbourne Airport, Royal Australian Air Force, Melbourne University, RMIT, etc., whilst continuing his passion for all sports and in particular horse racing.

Therefore, since 2005 in Vietnam he has built long standing relationships with Ministers and officials within the political, administrative, and army spheres so as to procure Company Licenses for both “VSP” & “VSP1”.

In June 2011, in Vietnam, an army “medal ceremony” was held in which Michael Efron received an “honorary war medal” for 10+ years of dedicated “charity work”, rendered to the Vietnam People’s Armed Forces, and it was presented to him by Major General NGUYEN THE KY (Chairman of High Rank Officer’s Division).

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Mr. Michael Efron (“VSP” co-founder & Chairman & C.E.O.)
Dr. Robert Schwartz (“VSP” co-founder & Board Advisor)
Mr. James Riley (Horse Racing Consultant & Former International Horse Trainer).
Mr. Scott Munro (Legal Representative & Legal Principal of “Soho Lawyers”).
Mr. Ashley Adsett (“VSP” Accountant, Principal of “Southern Accounting Services”).
Dr. Robert Schwartz (“VSP” co-founder).
Major General Nguyen The Sky (Vietnam Army-Chairman of High-Rank Officer’s Division).
Colonel Nguyen The Hien (Interior Ministry-Head of Intelligence-Labour Division).
Colonel Nguyen Quoc Dzung (Ministry of Defence-General Director-789 Southern Branch).
Colonel Hoang Nang Luong (Ministry of Defence-Deputy Director-789 Southern Branch).
Colonel Hoi Dzung (Ministry of Police–Head of Compliance–HCMC Branch).

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